What I've Learned by Accident:


Hand to God, what comes around goes around, Namaste...whatever your religion, the best moments are rarely editorial,  App-easy or mono-chromed smudged with an edgy toned ring. The good stuff happens when you stumble, fall flat, and smack down in (as Tenacious D calls it) "the mucky muck" and ugly crawl your way back  out. Check out my writing here. #wondergirl

"Maybe growing older ... and grayer and I dare say more imperfect with a wild hair or two or fifteen ...makes us human. As in no more masks or make-up, only the raw bones and skull and grit, the gristle behind the bandages and taped up gauze that time and yes, sorrow, allows us to peel off like a gift.

                                                                               We are real and we are alive.

                                                                               Through toil and trouble.

                                                                               Warts  and hair.

                                                                               We will persevere."


                                                                                 words by me, LCW,                                                                                                                Send in the Clowns,

                                                                                       Oct 19, 2016


                                                                                -art by Wondergirl Devin Martin                                                                              

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